Virgin Voyages has confirmed it will begin offering sailings to Cuba on April 1, 2020. The Scarlet Lady, the first ship of the new Virgin Cruise Line, will offer four- and five-night adventures to Havana from Miami. The cruises will be called 'Havana After Dark'.

Havana After Dark will feature a one-night stay in Havana, where cruisers can experience the vibrant culture of the city first hand. Guests will be able to explore Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, indulge in the Havana nightclub scene and interact with artisans for people-to-people encounters with Havana's residents.

For those who love history and architecture, they can explore the colonial architecture found in and around Old Havana. It is a tropical twist to the Colonial style that is only found in the Caribbean.

The Scarlet Lady will also make a one-day stop at the Beach Club at Bimini in the Bahamas. The Beach Club at Bimini is a privately-owned club by Virgin Voyages. The Beach Club features many different activities to enjoy and will offer concerts throughout the year by top performers from around the world.

The Scarlet Lady will be the newest and largest ship to ever go into Havana Harbor. It is a very exciting time for both Virgin Voyages and Cuba. Virgin Voyages has stated that it selected Cuba as its first destination after conducting research in the UK and U.S. to find out what travelers believed to be the most intriguing destination in the Caribbean. Havana was the top choice in both countries.

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