Virgin Voyages has announced that it is looking to change the way people dine while they are on a cruise. The new cruise line has eliminated the 'boring buffet' and main dining rooms in addition to eliminating the need for formal dress attire for specific meals. Virgin Voyages fully intends to change everything about how one enjoys a cruise.

Virgin Voyages, which is set to launch in 2020, has already made it crystal clear that it intends to be an adult-only cruise line. The new cruise company stated that there are enough family-friendly cruise lines in the industry, so it wants to be different and gear it towards adults.

Now, in an effort to change how people eat on a cruise, Virgin Voyages has decided to offer specialty eating centers throughout the boat that people can enjoy at any time during their cruise. And to shake up the industry even more, Virgin Voyages has stated that the company will include all of the dining experiences in the price of their ticket. Unlike other cruise lines that upcharge for specialty dining, there will be no upcharges on Virgin Voyages.

In fact, Virgin Voyages has gotten rid of all of the standard practices for dining in the cruise industry and has made all dining experiences specialties. The company wants to bring the city eating experience to the cruise industry.

The Scarlet Lady will launch in 2020 and will offer distinctively different eating establishments onboard. The fare available onboard will include Italian, Korean, Vegetarian, Vegan and more. There will be a steak and seafood restaurant and an American diner as well. For those seeking something extraordinary, The Test Kitchen is a fantastic option to check out. This particular establishment offers a mixture of experiential discovery and food education in a highly social setting. Coffee labs, cooking classes and a mixology school are some of the highlights one can look forward to.

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