Tourism is heating up all throughout Latin America. It could be about to heat up even more if Argentina's tourism minister has his wish come true. Gustavo Santos envisions a visa-free future for travelers visiting his country. This could help to promote more holidays in Argentina and surrounding countries. In addition, Argentina is taking a proactive stance when it comes to courting more airlines and making it easier and more affordable than ever to visit this exciting destination in Latin America.

Why the Time Is Right for Tourism in Latin America

Argentina and several other countries throughout Latin America have been increasing their investments in tourism in recent years. Countries like Mexico, Colombia and Peru are eager to show off their rich cultures and diverse natural environments. The secret to boosting tourism in the region is boosting the number of international arrivals that can be welcomed.

Of course, challenges do exist for Argentina and other nations in Latin America looking to attract vacationers. Political and economic instabilities often cause visitors from other countries to hesitate when it comes to booking holidays in the region.

Argentina is a good candidate to become the next hot spot for Latin American tourism because of the fact that it is emerging as a stable player in a landscape where other countries are dealing with some serious political issues and volatility. Argentina currently comes in at second place among Latin America's economies. However, it is still behind Mexico and Brazil when it comes to how much international visitors spend when they visit.

A Visa-Free Future

Argentina's tourism minister sees a visa-free policy as being an essential component to boosting tourism throughout the country and the region. Argentina has proposed a reciprocal visa policy to both Chile and Brazil. The plan mirrors the way visitors entering one country in the European Union are able to move freely into other countries. Argentina's tourism minister sees technology as being the key to developing a shared visa program that is seamless and secure. Argentina recently finalized a visa deal with Mongolia that will allow Mongolian citizens to stay in the country for up to 90 days without a visa.

Beyond the Visa Issue

While a visa-free policy would provide a big boost to Argentina's tourism industry, it is just part of a larger picture. Argentina must also focus on boosting flight accessibility. The government of Argentina must court airlines and give them incentives to begin offering more connections within the country. Argentina was able to successfully build a strong relationship with Norwegian Air and help the airline establish a presence in the country recently.

Argentina's tourism minister has stated that the country is in need of more low-cost carriers that will bring in tourists from all over the world. The country currently relies on a good number of European travelers to maintain a high-end travel market. However, attracting more markets by offering more affordable ways to fly to Argentina is a key part of expanding the nation's tourism industry.

Argentina also has its eye on facilitating easier travel from the United States. American tourists already make up a large portion of the overall number of tourists who visit Argentina annually. United Airlines began offering a daily route from Newark to Buenos Aires recently. There are also talks in place to work with American Airlines to introduce a new flight between Los Angeles and Argentina.

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