WestJet has announced that it will begin offering non-stop flights from Calgary to Atlanta International Airport. The new flights will launch on March 3, 2019 and will start as six flights weekly. The new destination for WestJet will turn into daily service on April 7.

WestJet has grown to become the second largest carrier in Canada. The airline has been slowly expanding its international flights. The carrier's newly added route will be the first and only non-stop flight from Calgary to Atlanta from any carrier.

WestJet has a codeshare agreement with Delta, and the airline also participates in its frequent flyer program. Delta, whose home base is Atlanta, is pleased to offer several connecting flights from Atlanta for passengers coming in from Calgary. Passengers will be able enjoy Atlanta or connect to other destinations like Charleston, New Orleans, Pensacola and more.

This is a very exciting opportunity for WestJet; the airline and officials at the Calgary airport have been actively promoting this new flight. The airport has stated that this has opened up an entirely new area for Canadians to reach with ease from Calgary. With connecting flights through Delta, these same passengers can continue on their travels from Atlanta and explore all of the destinations that Delta reaches as well.

WestJet now offers flights to 100 different destinations in North, Central and South America, Europe and the Caribbean. The airline, through its partners, reaches a total of 175 destinations in 20 different countries. WestJet also offers a frequent traveler program, where passengers can earn points to use towards purchasing flights or vacation packages through the company.

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