WestJet and the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) have announced that they are entering into a partnership to create a brand new loyalty platform. The new rewards platform, Ampli, will allow users to earn rewards when they fly WestJet or spend with the bank at selected merchants. Users can look forward to merchant offers and rewards when Ampli launches in time to come.

RBC stated that it plans to launch the new program by the close of this year. During the finalization process, the bank will also make additional announcements regarding merchants who will be participating in the program. This new program enhances the previous partnership that RBC had with WestJet.

The CEO for the RBC stated that the new program is designed to 'disrupt' the current rewards programs being offered in Canada. The bank has indicated that it wanted to create something that would provide real benefits to participants that they will actually use and enjoy.

The new rewards program comes shortly after WestJet's largest competitor, Air Canada, announced that it was leaving its current rewards program to establish its very own loyalty program.

Neither RBC nor WestJet has made any official announcements on how the Ampli will work, types of rewards that will be offered or the requirements for joining the plan such as having a special charge card. It is assumed at this time that the program will be a very similar setup to their WestJet RBC World Elite MasterCard program and that members will just have more ways to earn rewards. Official announcements are anticipated closer to the launch date.

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