What country has the world's most powerful passport? Germany offered the passport with the most power up until very recently. However, the European country has officially been overtaken by a nation on the other side of the world when it comes to passport power. Japan now claims the most powerful passport on the globe.

A firm called Henley & Partners compiled research to come up with an equation for determining the values of passports around the world. The big factor that was taken into account when coming up with rankings was the number of countries that can be visited without applying for visas. Japan takes the cake when it comes to giving its citizens the freedom to roam.

Citizens of Japan have the ability to travel to 189 countries without applying for visas. German citizens can travel to 188 countries without visas. Germany is actually tied with Singapore when it comes to passport power in 2018.

Some travelers may be surprised to learn that the United States didn't even crack the list of the top three countries with the most powerful passports. Citizens of the United States can only visit 186 countries around the world without visas. That places passports from the United States below passports from Finland, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Italy and France.

Which passports have the least amount of power? Citizens of Afghanistan and Iraq can only travel to 30 countries around the globe without visas. Passports from Syria, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, Eritrea, Palestinian Territories and Sudan only allow travelers to visit less than 40 countries without visas.

Pedro Pla is co-founder of GET.com. He has been around the globe several times and considers collecting air miles and points from credit cards to be a hobby, if not, an obsession. Email: p@get.com.