Frontier Airlines is bringing its loyalty program to a new frontier. The budget airline's loyalty program has changed its name from Early Returns to Frontier Miles. However, the updates coming to the program aren't just superficial. Things have shifted regarding status levels. Find out what to expect from the future of Frontier. You'll also learn how to earn Elite 20k status for free.

The big difference that members will notice about Frontier Miles is that it has three tiers of loyalty now. Elite 50k status and Elite 100k status are the two new additions joining the previous program's Elite 20k status. Here's a look at what to expect at each level:

  • Members with Elite 20k status will enjoy free carry-on bags and advanced seat assignments. This tier essentially looks the same as the Elite 20k tier previously offered by the Early Returns program.
  • Members with Elite 50k status enjoy access to Frontier's reclining extra-legroom seats. That access extends to a member's entire family!
  • Members with Elite 100k status enjoy an exclusive bundled package called The Works. This perk provides free carry-on bags, free checked bags, advanced seat assignments and seat upgrades. There is also the perk of free ticket changes and refunds. The Works package extends to a member's entire family.

Members of Frontier's updated loyalty program can look forward to earning one status mile for every mile they fly in a year. In addition to earning miles through flights, members can also scoop up miles when they make purchases using the new Frontier Airlines Mastercard®.

What's the best part about Frontier's newly updated loyalty program? You can actually earn Elite 20k status for free right now. All travelers who book and complete two round-trip reservations between now and Oct. 15 will be granted 20k status automatically.

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