It's not just your imagination if you've been seeing a lot more screens on Delta flights lately. The airline is in the middle of a push to equip its planes with more seat-back screens. In fact, Delta has installed this feature on 600 of its planes. Delta now has more seat-back screens than any other airline on the planet.

Delta is investing in seat-back screens as a way to give its customers more entertainment choices when flying. Many airlines are actually getting rid of seat-back screens in favor of allowing passengers to access entertainment options from their personal devices. However, that means that passengers are often forced to choose between streaming entertainment and actually using their devices for other purposes. Seat-back screens allow passengers to watch movies while using their mobile phones to do other things.

Delta passengers in all cabins have access to Delta Studio for free. This system offers a wide variety of entertainment options. It is well-received by customers due to the fact that it typically offers all of the top-grossing box office hits very soon after they are released. That means that the entertainment options provided by Delta are current and relevant. Here's a look at what travelers can expect from Delta Studio:

  • More than 300 movies
  • Foreign films
  • More than 2,500 songs
  • 550 episodes of television shows
  • 12 channels of live satellite television on some flights
  • Podcasts
  • Trivia games

Delta customers who don't wish to use seat-back screens aren't stuck with them. The airline actually allows passengers to stream Delta Studio directly to their personal devices on all aircraft in the Delta mainline fleet. Most regional aircraft also offer this option.

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