Europe may be about to impose new bans in response to COVID-19 spikes. The word is that new restrictions on travel may be coming out of the 27-nation European Union early next week. The first order of business is likely a ban on travel to the United States if new restrictions are put in place next week.

The European Union currently has tight restrictions in place for non-European countries that are due to be loosened at the start of July. That means that Europe's travel industry may get a much-needed boost after 15 weeks of tight restrictions. However, the European Commission recommended last week that all countries outside of Europe that continue to see high numbers should not be placed on the list for eased restrictions.

What is the European Commission recommending? The suggestion is for the EU to ban entry for those arriving from any non-EU country that has not meet a requirement for 16 new cases of COVID per every 100,000 people during a 140-day period. Recent numbers out of John Hopkins University show that new cases in the United States have hit 40,000. However, the ban isn't a done deal just yet. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has revealed that the United States is currently working with the European Union to try to avoid the need for a new travel ban.

There is talk that European countries will also consider banning travelers from Russia, India and Brazil. This is obviously a developing story that travelers in the United States who have booked upcoming travel to Europe will need to watch closely in the days to come. Cases remain high in the United States, unfortunately.

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