There's some exciting news coming out of Hyatt this week if you're a World of Hyatt member. First, you might want to go ahead and download the World of Hyatt app if you have never explored its features before. The loyalty program's app just became more important than ever.

You may already know that Hyatt is really the only mainstream loyalty program that offers a fixed award chart for suite redemptions at both the standard and premium levels. However, there is a case of a good thing getting even better going on right now. World of Hyatt just drastically simplified the process of using points to redeem free nights in suites. Yes, you can finally stop calling the World of Hyatt customer service line when you want to take advantage of the perk of redeeming points for suites from now on. Hyatt has instead introduced a new option for suite redemptions that extends to both the World of Hyatt website and app!

The new online option for redeeming points for suite stays is very simple. First, Hyatt has included all eligible properties online and through its app. That cuts down on the time needed for digging around to find properties you can stay at when tapping into your points. In fact, any available suite is going to pop up right on your screen when you do an award search.

Keep in mind that World of Hyatt divides its categories by giving an option for premium suites or standard suites. Members who have healthy points totals can really make out pretty great when they use Hyatt's suite redemptions. In fact, ponying up a few more points can actually give you access to a suite that would cost several times what a standard suite would if you were paying in cash. You can test this theory by simply visiting the World of Hyatt website or downloading the app to play around with various properties to see just how far your points could go.

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