Eco-friendly travel just got a big boost. A company called ZeroAvia tested a plane that has the capability to travel for 500 miles using hydrogen only. The model that was flown recently is actually the largest plane to ever take flight without the use of fossil fuels. The maiden voyage was launched out of a field located near Hollister, California.

ZeroAvia's zero-emissions plane can seat six. The plane actually looks like a typical aircraft from the outside. However, it was built using technology that allows the aircraft to run entirely on hydrogen. It is important to note that batteries were used for this initial test flight. ZeroAvia has announced that another test flight will be conducted in a few weeks using just hydrogen.

When can the public expect to be able to book flights on zero-emissions planes? ZeroAvia has revealed plans to begin making its zero-emissions technology available on a mainstream basis by 2022. The technology should be capable of powering planes with up to 20 seats and work on flights that are up to 500 miles long.

It could be possible that the day when hydrogen can be used to power long-haul flights is actually not that far off. Of course, using hydrogen to power long-haul flights means that much safety work and testing will need to be done in the years to come. That doesn't mean that the public shouldn't be impressed by what ZeroAvia is currently doing.

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