The first budget fares between the United Kingdom and India have arrived. Iceland's WOW Air has announced that it will be launching a new option in December that takes travelers from London to New Delhi. However, travelers who make the journey will need to stop at Iceland's Keflavik International Airport for a while before flying eastward to India.

Just how long will the journey take? The journey from London's Gatwick Airport to Keflavik International Airport takes three hours. Travelers will then complete a stopover in Iceland before jumping on another plane that will take them to India in just over 10 hours. The idea of flying to Iceland from England before heading to India may seem a bit daunting for some travelers. WOW Air is planning to entice travelers to go out of their way a little by offering rock-bottom fares for the route. One-way tickets will be available for as low as £149.

How does the travel time for WOW Air's new route to India stack up against the options that are currently available from non-budget carriers? The new route is more than four hours longer than the direct routes to New Delhi from London that are available from other carriers.

Travelers who are looking forward to enjoying rock-bottom rates to India from the United Kingdom will be able to take advantage of service from WOW Air three times per week starting in December. Plans are in place to bump that up to five times per week once January arrives. Flights from London to Reykjavik operate twice daily. The options that are available for flights between the two cities will have travelers choosing between 22-hour layovers and 12-hour layovers.

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