USAerospace Associates is planning to start offering flights between Iceland and Dulles, Washington, under the WOW Air brand. The plan is to start offering flights in October, though no specific dates have been offered.

While the WOW Air brand was a popular one as it offered low prices, the airline filed for bankruptcy this March, which left thousands of passengers stranded in Europe and the United States. The airline plans to offer both commercial and freight flights as it wants to deliver seafood from Iceland to the United States.

The relaunched WOW Air will operate two planes initially, but the fleet size will be increased to four in the near future. By next summer, the airline intends to have 10-12 planes in its fleet, with no further increase planned after that. It is planning to use both Boeing and Airbus planes.

Iceland will be the main operation hub in Europe, while it will be Washington D.C. in North America. While destinations haven't been revealed at this time, the airline hopes to offer flights to cities that WOW Air previously serviced.

WOW Air was originally launched as a low-cost, no-frills airline that offered low fares between the United States and Europe. However, the carrier may focus its efforts on offering perks like food menu designed by a Michelin-starred chef. If the airline indeed does offer more services, the cost of a ticket will probably reflect that.

The first scheduled route for the soon-to-be-revived airline will be between Reykjavík, Iceland and Washington D.C. Thus far, the airline hasn't released a schedule or indicated how much the flights will cost.

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