The saga of WOW Air continues. The bankrupt airline will soon rise again as PLAY. PLAY will have ambitious goals and a solid plan firm in place before launching.

The reimagined airline hopes to commence operations sometime in early 2020, which is a lofty goal. It plans to use the Airbus A321 aircraft, which carries around 200 passengers. The plane is also more fuel efficient than its larger counterparts.

Just like with WOW Air, PLAY hopes to fly to the United States and Europe. The airline wants to fly to six European destinations at first. Keflavik Airport in Iceland will be the home base for PLAY.

While PLAY wants to fly to the United States as well as to other countries in Europe, the initial launch will focus on Europe, with just a couple of planes. The hope is to have a fleet of six planes in operation by springtime. Then, in the summer, the airline would like to expand to the United States. Within a few years, PLAY plans to have 10 aircraft.

PLAY is taking a more conservative approach to its launch. While WOW Air seemingly launched a new route every week, PLAY wants to slowly ramp up operations, launching new routes over time. Seats are expected to go on sale later this month, and the airline plans to give away 1,000 tickets. However, the airline has not yet announced details of the giveaway.

PLAY revealed it aims to provide affordable travel and claims that safety comes first. The airline's mission is to provide low fares, happiness, on-time performance and simplicity. The new venture doesn't yet have its operating certificate, but PLAY has already received around $40 million to launch. The newly-formed airline is expecting to announce its first destinations soon.

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