WOW Air will be making its debut at John F. Kennedy International Airport in April. The Icelandic budget airline is celebrating its arrival in New York City by offering a number of ultra-cheap flight deals. One-way fares from New York to Iceland can be purchased online for just $99 for a limited time. In addition, one-way fares to London, Paris and Amsterdam are going for just $149. Anyone hoping to grab ultra-low fares will need to act quickly. WOW Air is only offering 800 of these discounted tickets to the public.

WOW Air already operates out of nearby Newark. However, it is anticipated that the carrier will become an even bigger player on the American airline scene now that passengers can pick up flights from one of the country's biggest hubs. WOW Air has already dominated the low-budget market in Europe for quite some time. Travelers on America's East Coast will finally get a taste of just how low fares can go.

Travelers who are using WOW Air for the first time may not be familiar with the carrier's bare-bones approach to the travel experience. While most budget carriers keep frills to a minimum, WOW air has a reputation for taking its no-frills approach to the next level. Of course, this is how the carrier manages to offer consistent rock-bottom rates throughout the year. WOW Air tends to charge extra for small details that other carriers simply include in the cost of a ticket. This means that customers should pay attention to extra fees that are charged for things like booking your ticket over the phone, flight changes, baggage and refreshments.

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