Delta Air Lines is bringing the future to its lounges. Frequent travelers already know that Delta is at the forefront of developing biometric screening for boarding gates. The airline is now using the technology from its Delta Biometrics program to make it easier for travelers to enter Delta airport lounges. Travelers using all 50 of Delta's Sky Club lounges in the United States will be able to enter using only their fingertips.

Biometric entry at Delta lounges will only be available to Delta Sky Club members who are also United States citizens or permanent residents. Delta Sky Club members who are already registered with CLEAR® will now be automatically enrolled to use biometric entry at Delta lounges. Delta is making it easy for members who are not registered with CLEAR® to sign up for Delta Biometrics by installing kiosks around the country in 14 club locations.

Enrolling in Delta Biometrics is free. Travelers will simply need to visit one of the new enrollment kiosks located throughout the country to work with a CLEAR® representative to complete registration. There is no waiting period between enrolling and being able to take advantage of Delta Biometrics to enter a Delta Sky Club. Club members will be able to use their fingerprints immediately to enter all Delta Sky Club locations in the United States.

What can Delta Sky Club members expect when they use biometric entry? Delta Biometrics utilizes a cutting-edge scanner designed with help from a long testing phase and honest customer feedback. The scanner offers ergonomic finger support. It has been designed to create the optimum position for successful finger scans. The scanner also comes with easy-to-understand signals.

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